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TERRO Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Trap, 8-Pack – T518


ERRO Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Trap, 8-Pack – T518

Featuring a traditional ribbon design, TERRO Fly Paper traps nuisance flies and other flying insects in and around your home. This method of fly control has lasted so long for one simple reason – it works! Simply hang the tube in an area where flies frequently swarm, such as near windows and doorways, where garbage is stored, and other similar areas around your property. Then unravel the ribbon to expose the sticky surface. Flies that come in contact with the ribbon as they buzz around your home will soon become stuck and eventually die – no more swatting as you try to relax! Best of all, TERRO Fly Paper requires no baits to catch flies. They also feature no odor, allowing you to hang them anywhere that flies are a problem. For your convenience, these fly traps are mess free to allow for an easy clean up. When flies stick, they stay there! Once the trap is full, simply dispose of it in a trash receptacle and hang a new trap. This package includes 8 TERRO Fly Paper traps, so you’ll be in good supply all season long.

Attracts and traps flies
No baiting, no odor, no mess
Easy-to-use ribbon design
Conveniently disposable
Includes 8 Fly Paper Tubes


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