Safety Products

Superior Manufacturing Notrax® 4′ X 75′ Black And Yellow 3/4″ Thick Vinyl Cushion Trax® Ultra Safety/Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat



Cushion Trax® Ultra is the ultimate high performance anti-fatigue floor mat, designed specifically to address the toughest requirements of today’s industrial applications. At 3/4” Inch thick, Cushion Trax® Ultra is extremely well suited for multi-shift operations in dry work areas where that little extra in comfort and support makes all the difference.The top surface is combined with a dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion technology virtually eliminating the possibility of de-lamination. Now with RedStop, a uniquely engineered technology that eliminates the slipping and sliding of NoTrax® floor mats on all types of smooth floor surfaces such as vinyl composite tile, painted or epoxy coated concrete, vinyl sheet flooring, carpet, and ceramic tile. Vinyl top surface made from 100% recycled PVC.