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Honeywell Aluminum Hip-Pac Style Panther® Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator With 10-Minute Escape Mask Mounted Regulator (Without Quick Disconnect Coupling)



Hip Pac® Pressure Demand Supplied Air Respirator with Escape Ccylinder provides air froma remote air source for entry into and escape from IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life or Health) environments. The Pressure Demand SAR with Escape Cylinder (Hip-Pac) offers the same reliable facepieces and second stage regulators as the Cougar and 1997-style Panther SCBAs. It allows the user to comfortably wear the respirator to enter an IDLH environment while breathing from a remote air source. Should the air supply be interrupted, the user can switch to the cylinder for escape. The escape cylinder is 10-minutes in duration.