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Nestable Shipping Plastic Pallet 48×40 2200 Lb. Capacity


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Featherweight Nestable Plastic Pallet

This nestable plastic pallet resists weather, splitting mildew and rot. Plastic pallet is made from 100% ACM (PE virgin material and PE recycled material) recyclable black material. Nests for efficient storage when not in use. 1-1/2″ nesting height. Sturdy construction gives this plastic pallet a static 3500 lb. or a dynamic 2200 lb. capacity (the weight needs to be evenly distributed) and allows 4-way forklift entry with a fork clearance of 3-1/2″ x 11-1/2″. 9 feet on the bottom to support the weight. Measures 48″L x 40″W x 5.2″H.


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