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Ergonomic Consulting and Training

Ergospec can help you to establish a successful ergonomic process and program within your company. To be successful the process developed must be sustainable, business driven, cost effective, compliant and results in reduced injuries to its employees. At Ergopec we use four critical and important elements which are required to launch an effective ergonomic program.

Office Products and Furniture

Ergospec offers a broad variety of high quality and affordable office products, furniture, seating and supplies suitable for all your business needs. Whether it's an office or school setting, we offer all you require for a comfortable, productive and efficient work environment.

Industrial Products and Furniture

Ergospec offers all the industrial products, furniture and supplies your construction crew, manufacturing plant, factory, warehouse or laboratory needs to run safely and efficiently. Ergospec offers everything including safety supplies, industrial workstations & seating, material handling & janitorial products, welding tools & hardware and more for your employees well being and protection.

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